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Sniper - Household Item 

Kunle Remi has been a Sniper influencer since December 1st of, 2022. As part of his work for this household item, he is asked to create his content and post once a week on his main feed, stories, and all his social media platforms, accumulating around 100,000 to 500,000 views.
Kunle Remi- Sniper

Views via Instagram over the course of 5 weeks. 

Week 1


Week 2


Week 3


Week 4


Week 5


Monster - Beverages

Kunle Remi was hired to represent Monster at the Monster Ultra Beach Party. This included content creation as well as a special appearance at the event. Mr. Remi created a social media post (reaching 95,834 accounts with 93,846 plays) inviting his followers to purchase the product to win tickets and other prizes for the event. He then participated in a meet and greets with winners and the guests who attended the event. Once completed, he was to produce and post a post-party video on his social media to provide his followers with a look into what took place at the party and his overall excitement for the event.

Post-event Video

Accounts Reached




Non Followers






Lush Hair - Beauty 

Kunle Remi was a part of the Give Love A Shot Valentine’s Day Competition hosted by Lush Hair Extensions. Followers and fans were to share their best pick-up line for a chance to win a date with Mr. Remi. In addition, a video was created to promote the giveaway and meet and greet. Once the company determined winners, Mr. Remi attended an intimate dinner setting which was recorded and posted on their social media platform.

2 Instagram Posts (Video/Promotion Image)





Reaprite - Financial Services 

Kunle Remi promoted Reaprite across his platforms for 6 months. As a technology-driven company that works to help Africans save money and prosper, Mr. Remi was utilized to invite his fans and followers to sign up for their savings packages. With creative control, he was asked to post once a week and encourage viewers to register and save.

Views across all of his content over the 6 month period. 


100,000 – 300,000

Other Past Partnerships

Glo Nigeria
Gupa Network
Devon Kings Cooking Oil
Peak Milk Powder
Khard Collection Fashions
Rois and Rein Fashions

Let's do Fhingz!

How Can You Partner With Kunle Remi?

Kunle Remi has gained excellent experience in all entertainment fields, including acting, hosting, appearances, unboxings, influencer partnerships, meet and greets, individual content creation, and other services you are looking for to expand your net audience. Mr. Remi’s reach is prominent on his social media outlets, allowing brands and companies to engage new untraditional audiences in target markets.

Through Mr. Remi, you reach an audience of over 2 million diverse followers and fans across platforms. Within this following, you will reach his millennial fan base, which makes up 82% of his platforms. As well as – and most significantly – his female audience, which makes up a whopping 75% of his following. With engagement being crucial in marketing today, there is no better person to attach your product or business to than Kunle Remi.

For further information, details and bookings, please send to bookkunleremi@1810global.com

I am honored that you’re interested and I look forward to our work together. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Get in touch with my rockstar team.