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Hey everyone, I am Kunle Remi. Actor, Host, Model, Filmmaker, and Producer, always reppin the Nigerian cities that shaped me – Lagos and Ibadan – for the global stage I am privileged to occupy. I studied acting, filmmaking, and directing at the New York Film Academy and entered Nollywood around 2010 with over 100 movies under my belt. Including titles, you’ve likely heard of, like Anikulapo, A Naija Christmas, and The Prophetess.

I am excited about the movie and television roles slated for this year and equally enthusiastic about the upcoming opportunities to lead from behind the camera — with my 1810 Studio team, I am putting together some amazing projects for you all.
It’s been a great pleasure to live out my purpose by doing the very thing I was meant to be doing with so much love and zeal. I have had the opportunity to work with incredible writers, directors, producers, and fellow actors across many countries.

Kunle Remi
Kunle Remi

Yet, the most significant part of my job is connecting with my Kindred* and feeling your support of me 100% of the way. Deep gratitude for every one of you! I am not slowing down anytime soon. The only option is to go big or go bigger on the global stage in 2023.

This year will be jam-packed with television and movie releases (a few of which will be from the 1810 Studio arm of my company, 1810), stage plays/musicals, appearances, speaking/hosting engagements, and my usual hilarious, creative social media content. 

I am looking to partner more than I ever have, so for all business inquiries, hit me up here. And Kindred, I love hearing from you, send me your notes here.

Much Love,
Kunle Remi

*/ˈkindrəd/ – Kunle Remi’s Day 1, A1 fans

Kindred: being related, esp. by having the same opinions, feelings, and interests. –
Cambridge Dictionary


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